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Most Preferred Resistance Manufacturer in the National and International Market...  

With its uninterrupted and high quality service concept in the resistance sector, Ser Rezistans offers the best solutions to different workspaces with many products and resistance varieties. Our brand, which is the pinnacle of the sector, has adopted its principle not only to be at the top of this path, but to provide the best service to its customers as quickly as possible and to support its customers with solutions that please their customers.

In addition to these principles, providing services with environmentally friendly products is the focus of its purpose and principle. Providing national and international service, our company has attended in many different fairs and has enabled it to reach products for the needs of more people both online and personally. With the latest technologies used in the production phase, Ser Resistance has offered and will continue to offer professional solutions to its customers both at home and abroad with many different products and resistance models, from ambient heaters to resistor salutations and cartridge resistors. 

Why Us?

As Ser Rezistans, we have been performing all the services within our company at world quality standards since our establishment. While each of our products is produced with the focus of meticulous work, we are one step ahead by standing out from the competitors with our professional team and engineers.

By adopting the customer satisfaction strategy, we bring along the advantages of reasonable prices. In addition to blending quality with expertise, we provide professional solutions to your needs and guarantee long-term use of our products.

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