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Flexible Manifold Resistances


Need of heating of manifolds in hot runner systems creates need of  designing and using  of flexible manifold heaters.Flexible manifold heaters which are inserted on grooves on injection manifolds, can be installed very easily and can fulfil an efficient heat transfer by their high heating performance.

Flexible manifold heaters are manufactured in different crossections like square or cylindirical etc.


·         Square crosssection sizes 6x6 and 8x8

·         Circular crossection  Ø6,5 and Ø8,5

·         Metal braided cover

·         Voltage 230 V

·         Working temperature up to 350 C

·         Flexibility to bend easily

·         Plastic injection moulding

·         Rubber moulding

·         Packaging

·         Plastic welding

·         Plaste and mould heating

·         Food processes

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