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Infrared Heating Solutions


 Nowadays, the most cost of the industrial manufacturing is energy cost and this situation leads all industries to work on to reduce energy cost, either industrial or domestic. Long cut-in and cut-out times, low sensitive heat control of conventional heating systems and high energy costs which was caused by these problems, leads the people to find a suitable solution and these studies were resulted as build up of infrared heating systems. Industrial electrical infrared systems were used firstly in 1930 by Ford Motor Company to cure dyestuff on car bodies. Developing of new infrared sensitive coating and dyeing materials conduce towards developing of new infrared reflectors (lamps) and control systems. Today infrared heating sytems are used very succesfully and effectively in manufacturing sector, in heating, drying, curing, sintering, sterilisation and many more similar processes.

Infrared is electromagnetic spectrum which is between radio waves and visible light waves. Infrared waves start from 0,76 micron and reach up to 10 micron wave length. Infrared energy can be absorbed by material, reflected or conducted, depending wave length and material structure. That’s why it’s very important to supply right lamp in applications, according wave length need of material which will be heated.

Infrared heating systems are composed of reflecting lamp, reflector and control systems. Additionally fans are added to infrared heating modules and components which are exposed to high temperature, are cooled.

Infrared heat producer reflecting lamps can be separated into 3 groups according to wave lengths; short wave, medium wave and long wave. Chosing right reflecting lamp and projecting is very important. By specialised engineers team, Ser Rezistans offers you best fit infrared heating projects, which will be integrated to your already existing systems. Ser infrared heating modules render your process more economical, quicker, with higher quality.

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