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Barrel Heaters

Barrel heaters With a portable structure, barrel heaters are heaters that you can also use in industrial areas. Barrel heaters with functional properties have technical features that can meet your business's expectations. Barrel heaters with an extremely common use of area can heat up a different number of substances with solid and high viscosity.

You can practically drain the solid and dense lyceted substances from the barrel after heating. The portable structure of barrel heater’s is one of the most remarkable features. With these features, you can easily move products anywhere. Among the items that can be used with barrel heater models available indoors and outdoors are tar, pitch, resin, vaks and oil varieties. With these substances, substances similar to these substances can also be heated.

Temperature measurement in barrel heater types can be done extremely precisely. It is possible to carry out temperature control between 0 and 300 degrees Celsius with electronic heat control units. Inside, there are special components that allow the heating of the products. Thermal insulation materials are available on the outer part of the products.

Thermal insulation materials also increase the strength characteristics of the products. Energy-efficient barrel heaters allow energy losses to be reduced to a minimum. There are also models with wheel systems at the bottom. Thus, products can be easily moved to the desired place. 

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