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Space Heaters

You can also start heating your spaces with heater models that can be your warm and comfortable companion in the cold weather of cold days. The chilling cold of the winter months will no longer be a problem for you, thanks to the heaters produced in different models, such as with and without fans. Space heaters, which stand out with their different features and offer healthy heating solutions, also provide a great decorative advantage to your environment.

These products, which can adapt to every environment, are waiting for you with different price options and sizes that can meet your needs. Space heaters, which you can use in different areas, from small spaces to large spaces or private meeting rooms, can also be produced with various color alternatives tailored to your taste. The heaters, which can appeal to everyone and every budget, can also be produced in small sizes.

Thanks to the heater models you can use for your indoor and outdoor areas, you can also save energy and produce practical solutions for your heating needs. As Ser Rezistans company, we continue to offer you products with reliable and functional features that you can always save energy. The space heaters that you can choose according to your needs are products that you can use for your large and small-scale businesses. Among the electric space heaters you can choose, there are also models with a compact design.

Our products, which you can use for many years without the need for extra maintenance and repair, are produced from first class quality materials. The types of space heaters that allow the spaces to heat up more quickly and in a healthy way are products that you can use without any problems. Industrial type space heater designs are among the product models that can offer the highest heat with the least energy consumption.

If you are looking for a space heater that you can use in your business and reduce your cost, you can take a look at the prices and models of space heaters we offer as Ser Rezistans. Thanks to competitive ambient heater prices, we offer you the most suitable product models for your budget.

Space heating systems are produced and presented to you in accordance with the environment-friendly and quality standards. These systems, which you can use in workplaces and gyms, as well as in shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and many other areas, also have radiant heating systems. With the products in the hot air generators, places can be heated reliably.

Heating Systems Suitable for Large Areas

When you start using indoor space heaters, these products, which have a structure that can heat objects directly without using the air in the space, can protect the hot air in the interior in a healthier way. So how are large spaces heated and what should be considered in indoor heating systems?

These products, which are among the first choices of those looking for space heating systems and those who want to solve their heating system needs with optimum cost level, are offered to you with the assurance of Ser Rezistans. Among the ambient heater models, there are products that can be suitable for different places according to their usage areas.

You can have indoor space heaters suitable for your needs by browsing our product catalogs, which also include large space heating systems. Among the large-area heating systems and large-area heating systems, there are products that can offer practical solutions to the needs of every person.

In addition to the small-sized and easily portable options, large-sized products can be designed to solve the heating problems of your large areas. You can solve your heating problems in a practical way with space heaters that you can use for commercial purposes or personally in your home.

Fan Space Heater Models

You can also benefit from the conveniences offered by fan heaters in order to bring the heat in your environment to the healthiest levels. The products that can provide the warmth of your home or workplace by consuming less energy can perform the heat distribution in the most reliable way. You can easily move the space heaters from one place to another, where you can make your cold winter days warmer.

Fan space heater models, which are preferred with their portable feature and provide ease of use, have special options that you can use as a fan in the summer months. Fan space heater models, which are designed to comply with safety standards and offered to you, are guaranteed. For a more reliable use of the heaters, there is also a special safety against overheating and tipping.

You can choose the ones that suit your needs by examining in detail the special contents and technical features of the products among the radial fan space heaters. You can examine all aspects of fan heaters that can meet your criteria for security solutions.

You can use the fan air heater models that you can use in the environments where your family, children and pets live, and you can use them in your workplace with peace of mind. Among the fan heaters, which can bring its own warmth to every environment you are in with its easy and comfortable use, there are models suitable for each person's budget and needs.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Space Heater?

When purchasing electric space heaters, you need to know the environment in which you will use the heater. If you first determine where you want to use these products, you can make better decisions and choices. Electric space heaters are classified as oil radiator, convector, infrared and fan. The most preferred among these heaters are infrared heaters, which you can often see in cafes and restaurants.

Infrared heaters transmit heat through the light path they reflect. Infrared space heater models, which have the ability to heat objects or people directly affected by light, are among the most preferred heaters in outdoor areas.

You can also heat small-scale indoor areas comfortably with infrared space heaters. Infrared space heaters, which have an ergonomic and durable structure, also have options with thermostat and digital adjustment. Digital models can offer you special solutions with options such as closing, opening time and working time.

Convector space heaters with special legs can find a place for themselves in different areas. These heaters, which can also be hung on the wall, have decorative models. Convector ambient heaters pass the cold air they receive from the lower part and take place in the environment through the resistances inside.

After blowing hot air from the top, it provides heating. Thanks to the dust filter, the dust in the environment is absorbed. People with dust allergy or asthma may prefer this type of heater during the selection. Convector type space heaters are among the electric space heaters that heat indoor spaces the fastest.

What Additional Features to Look for in Ambient Heaters?

If you have made a choice according to the area you will use, it is time to examine the additional features. It is important for your electric heater to have a stand-by mode so that you can benefit from the energy-saving feature. This feature also ensures that the desired temperature of the environment is not exceeded.

The possibility of the heaters falling to the ground should never be ignored. You can solve these problems by choosing electric heaters that are safe against overturning. Space heaters, which are designed to be tip-proof, automatically stop working when they fall. This ensures that unwanted accidents are prevented. If you have children in your home, you should stay away from heaters with sharp corners or choose electric space heater models that can be installed.

Apart from this, it is extremely important that the products are produced in world quality standards, supported with quality materials and have a durable structure against environmental factors.

Keeping your safety at the forefront, you can continue to use the space heater models you have chosen in different areas for many years. By allocating space in your spaces to space heaters that do not cause any harm to human health, you can also take advantage of the decorative aspect and enjoy the pleasure of meeting your heating needs in the most economical and reliable way.

If you want to get detailed information about large space heaters, you can call us or send us your requests via e-mail.

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