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Tubular Resistances

boru_rezistans_(tubular_heaters).jpgTubular heaters are a heat sources which are versatile and have an extensive usage field in industrial, commercial and scientific applications, Tubular heaters are composed by metal tube (sheath), resistance wire, MgO insulation powder and connection materials. They can be designed in various electrical powers, voltages, tube diameter, tube length, connection materials and tube (sheath) materials. Most important and useful  characteristic of tubular heaters is lithenes and it can be soldered or welded to all requested metal surface.

  • Ø 6,5-8,5 -11
  • L 3000 mm
  • Working voltage up to 400 V
  • Power density up to 5 W/cm²
  • Sheath material options steel, Nic-Cr, Incoloy etc.
  • Connection tip; square, triangle, brass sleeve, screw etc.
  • Welded, seamless, finned tube types

·         Plastic Industry

·         Packaging industry

·         Wooden handling industry

·         Construction equipment industry

·         Hand tools

·         Casting industry

·         High vacum applications

·         Laboratory equipments

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