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Infrared Resistance

Infrared Heater

Infrared is electromagnetic spectrum, which is between radio waves and visible light waves. Infrared waves have wave lengths between 0,76 micro to 10 micron. Infrared energy is absorbed or reflected or conducted by the material depending on wave length and structure of the material. That’s why it’s very important to select right lamp by stating needed wave length of material in applications.

Infrared heating systems are composed by reflecting lamp, reflector and control systems. Additionally fans are added to cool the components which are exposed to high temperatures.

Reflector lamps, which generate infrared heat, classified into three groups as short wave, medium wave and long wave according to their wave lengths. It is very important to select and project the right reflector lamp according to material to be heated.  SER Rezistans offers best possible heating projects, which will be integrated with your already existing systems, through their specialised engineers. SER infrared heating modules make  your process more economical, faster and better quality.

We keep the customer satisfaction always pre-eminently by providing quality services in infrared sector too. Our most important priority is quality for for infrared and for all other products and services, however your satisfaction is very importan too.

You van contact to us first infrared and for all other heating products and services.

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