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Electric Panels

Electric panels are needed in order to perform the electricity distribution process and to perform the storage process in a reliable way through a single center. Electrical panels are also among the products with special production that can enable you to create a protected area in spaces.

Types of Electrical Panels

Electrical panels are panels that are integrated into the systems where electricity, installation and building are located. Professional support may be required for the assembly of the products. In single and multi-storey buildings, electric meter panels can be located in small sizes. There are components such as central automatic breaker, fuses, electricity meters, ladder automatic and bell transformer inside the panels.

Electrical panels can be designed in different sizes as well. If you think that the electrical panels produced in standard sizes and features are not suitable for you, you can contact us so that we can produce special solutions for you. Electrical panels, which offer reliable use and stand out with their functional features, are among the products that can be used for many years.

Electrical Panel Prices

As Ponis Panel, we offer electrical panel models in accordance with world quality standards, with reliable and functional features. Among the electrical panels, each of which has a different usage area, there are the most special models that can adapt to the budget and needs of each person.

Electrical panel models include IT network and server cabinets, automation control panels, wall-mounted electrical panels, free-standing electrical panels, machine sheet metal parts and hoods, meter panels, external type electrical panels with caps, and field distribution electrical panels. These models are also among the special models that can be separated from each other with their dimensions and technical features.

When choosing between electrical panels, it will be sufficient to consider your wishes and needs, as well as your budget. Electric panel prices may vary according to the material used in the production of the product to be selected, its technical features, model and dimensions. However, as Ponis Pano, there are many different models that can adapt to your budget among the electrical panel models we offer. You can also contact our team for your electrical panel needs.

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