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Field Distribution Electrical Panels

The panels that deliver the energy transmitted from the main grid to the relevant distribution points in accordance with the TEDAŞ Specification are called field distribution electrical panels. Field distribution electrical panels are produced in three different ways as Type-1, Type-2 and TYPE3. There is an electrostatic paint material on the outer surfaces of the products produced from galvanized sheets. Electrostatic paints ensure that the products are more durable, while at the same time they make them more resistant to environmental factors.

Field distribution panels, which are resistant to rainy weather, impacts and scratches, are also supported by glass fiber reinforced polyester type materials. Different sizes and different types of products can be designed for highway lighting, marinas, rail system and TEDAŞ type applications.

What are Field Distribution Electric Panel Models?

Field distribution electrical panels suitable for internal and external uses are produced with flame retardant and self-resistant materials. The products are also resistant to UV rays. The panels where all the data coming from the primary equipment in the fields are collected first are the field distribution electrical panels. At the same time, the field distribution panels act as a bridge between the control room and the switchyard.

These products, which are offered to you after being tested in accredited laboratories, are durable products that you can use for many years. Field distribution electrical panels designed in accordance with the Low Voltage Field Distribution Boxes Technical Specification have high resistance against adverse weather conditions.

The field distribution electrical panel, which has different color options, also provides full protection against acids and bases. Field distribution electrical panels, which have high chemical resistance and draw attention with their functional features, have insulating properties that do not conduct electricity. Products that do not contain moisture and moisture do not contain moisture and humidity.

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