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Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters are cylindirical or cubic heating elements, which are used mainly in applications, which need high heat density and has limited installing space. They are in Ni-Cr and incoloy alloy made cases and their heat density can reach to 50 W/cm2 (335 W/in2) and working temperature can reach to 920 C (1400 F).

Cartridge heaters have a wide usage area like injection presses, heating plates etc. where metalic parts, and fluids (like water and some gases) need to be heated. In addition cartridge heaters are used substantially in plastic and rubber handling mills, in automotive, food, chemical, electronic, medical equipments, wooden, nuclear industries in many more similar industries.

Cartridge heaters are manufactured in two groups as high intensity and low intensity, depending on application, dimensions and power intensities. There are cartridge heaters with double insulated, which are used in applications like radiators and towel dryers. And there are some kind of self-adjusting cartridge heaters, which can be fixed in requested temperature and  used mainly  in defrost and condensation applications.


·         Cable output

·         Ceramic insulated

·         Steel braided

·         Spiral braided

·         With silicon cable

·         90 ° output

·         Sleeve connection output

·         Flange connection output

·         Pin connection output

·         Standart voltage 230V (220V-240V)

·         Max. voltage 480 V

·         Working temperature 600 C

·         Max. working temperature 800 C

·         Out sheath by stainless steel.

  • Heating mould
  • Extrusion molds
  • Plastic and rubber indastriy
  • Automotive indastriy
  • Food indastriy
  • Chemical indastriy
  • Medical Tools
  • Packaging indastriy
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