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Hot Runner Coil Heater

sicakyolluk.jpgHot runner coil heaters are narrow and flat heating elements, which can be in different shapes and geometries. They are high performance heaters and used when space is limited but need higher power.

These waxy flexible hot runner coil heaters are used mainly in plastic and packaging industry hot runners and nozzles,  to heat the parts in different shapes and geometries. In addition they are used in chemical (rubber process), automotive and glass industries, in hot-stamp, cast and wood processes too.

Sheath material of coil heaters is made of stainless steel and Ni-Cr (80/20) resistance wire (which melts in 1300 C) and magnesium oxide powder (MgO) is gotten into this sheath. Maximum working temperature on sheath can reach to 650 C and on cables and connection points up to 260 C.

Hot runner coil heaters can be manufactured with “j” or “K” type thermocouple inside and with different power fields.


·         Plastic injection

·         Packaging

·         Automotive

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