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Resho Resistances

The buffet (resho) resistors that have become increasingly prominent in recent years are among the resistances you can use in your businesses with energy saving. Commercial applications and business development departments are located in systems where chafing-resistance heating elements are installed, which work on the manufacture and function of resistance designs for the food industry. Buffet resho resistances are used in areas such as hotels, hostels, cafes and kiosks to keep food warm.

These products, which are extremely easy to assemble, can also be carried practically. After the correct installation and selection process, you can continue to use buffet (resho) resistors for many years. Meals to be cooked in the food industry are served to customers with service cars or self-service platforms, hot or cold after cooking. Surfaces with direct (resho) buffet resistance come to the use so that food can stay warm when served to customers. This method is used by all businesses around the world.  
Industrial Buffet Resho Resistances  

Open buffet (resho) resistors are also called mobile food heater resistance used for hot service. Thermostat buffet resistors are widely used. The thermostat part is located on its own, with high resistance sithane with aluminum body buffet (resho). The 220-volt buffet (resho) heaters are 750 watts. These resistances, which can also be used in industrial areas, include models that can be used in different areas of use. If you want to keep your meals in your kitchen warm for longer before serving them to your guests or customers, you can take advantage of these heaters.

Buffet resistance prices with different brands and models can also vary according to these details. But buffet resistors including the models that can fit every person's budget. Once you purchase buffet resistors produced environmentally friendly and supported by premium special materials of premium quality, you can start using them reliably in different areas. If you want to make choices for your uses, budget and needs with question marks in mind, you can also contact the "Ser Resistance" team. 

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