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Open Coil Heaters

aciktellikaset.jpgBy SER Rezistans manufactured Open Coil Heaters, are most effective heating elements, which are used for hot air production needed applications. With the aid of fan, by contact of air to hanging resistance wires, heat transfer occurs, where as industrial and domestic hot air needed. Open wire heating elements ensure effective heating, with short heating time, low cost, easy installation and easy replacement.

Open coil and wire heaters, which can be  integrated to all hot air needed applications, are manufactured according to requested voltage rate, power, dimensions etc.


·         Class A 80-20 Ni-cr imported resistance wire

·         Wire diameters from Ø... to Ø...

·         Spring diameter from Ø... to Ø...

·         Ceramik and steatite insulator

·         Voltage options 110V, 220V and 382V

·         Power density up to 2 W/cm²

·         Air Duct heating

·         Oven heating

·         Environment heating

·         Dehumidifying

·         Flexo Printing

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