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Inner Pipe Heater

boruichadde.jpgCeramic insulated inner pipe heaters are designed for high temparature needed applications.Depending to application, working temperature can reach to 800 °C. Ceramic insulated inner pipe heaters are manufactured by special steel plates or stainless steel pipes. Steatite stones are used as insulating materials and micro fiber layer which was put between steatite stones and plate, avid heat loss. By this design, SER branded inner pipe heaters ensure high energy efficiency and low working cost. In addition our resistances are responsive and provide solution for expansion problem and ensure high thermal conduction. Ceramic insulated inner pipe heaters can be installed easily and have long life. Max. power density of heaters are stated as W/cm² and depends on application type, inner diameter and width of application area. SER Rezistans guarantees longest product life for all products by using highest quality raw materials.  


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