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Panel Heaters

The panel heaters, which you can use to remove the moisture inside the panel heaters, can provide the necessary functional features to provide the appropriate air in the panel according to international standards.

Panel heaters can operate more efficiently when mounted at the bottom of the panel. This type of installation is recommended in order for the air to rise and the ventilation louvers located at the bottom of the panel to be protected against moisture.

Panel Type Heater

In case of a sudden decrease in air temperature, it has a very strong effect in the sense of heating the ambient temperature very quickly. These panel-type heater types, which are made of aluminum body, have the feature of stainless steel. At the point of resistance changes of temperatures, active brand panel heaters have an important role in balancing the air temperature. It is preferred to protect the panel heater power values ​​and to balance the temperature of the outer surface in the environment in seasonal - climate changes by balancing the temperature and humidity of the air.

Under normal conditions, 100 W heater will be sufficient for 1 cubic meter of panel to create a suitable air in its standard form, as well as in areas where humidity is very intense, special production or different choices are preferred in accordance with the characteristics of the electrical panels. While there are panel heater types that you can choose very successfully today, you can also make your choices depending on their features.

Since it is adversely affected by high temperature, it can be installed by keeping a distance of 10 cm from electrical materials. If there is a difference of 10 cm between the panel heater and the thermostat, a healthy installation and usage process will begin.

Panel Heater Models

Panel heaters, which can spread the desired heat quickly thanks to their special designs, also allow you to stabilize the ambient temperature. Among the panel heaters, there are models with fans produced in order to better transmit the heat according to the size of the environment. Panel heaters, which come to the fore with their different usage areas, can also work in an integrated manner with thermostats.

If you are looking for panel heaters that are produced to be extra resistant to environmental factors and that you can use for many years, you can take a look at the panel heaters that are suitable for your needs. You can start creating more efficient and more reliable workspaces thanks to the panel heaters, each of which is designed with first class quality materials.

Panel Heater Prices

There are many panel heaters with different features. From the efficient cooling surface areas due to ambient heating, there is 120% more surface efficiency in extruded and coated aluminum stainless tube heaters. You can also work with Ser Rezistans in the price study that will be shaped according to your wishes, and you can make evaluations in accordance with your needs.

Magnesium oxide is used as the insulation material, and in this sense, it is ensured that the panel heaters have an insulation level of 1 minute. This provides a very strong interaction with increased mechanical strength and vibration resistance. PTC panel heaters are generally not anti-condensation and this is because their power begins to decrease significantly when actively operated.

In active panel heaters, the humidity reduction values ​​are much higher. This provides 6% more efficiency than pipe heaters and over 600% more efficiency than the remaining PTC heaters. It is determined that while the humidity is heated in an average of 16 minutes with a 100 w heater in 2 square meters, it can be reduced by 6%. At this point, depending on your wishes, pricing is made depending on your choices in terms of capacity and features in panel type heater types. As Ser Rezistans, you can always reach us and you can also benefit from the price study by getting information and support.

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