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Short Wave Infrared

Short wave reflectors

Biggest difference between wave lengths are air passing abilities of beams. Studies in this field prooves that 86% of beams, which are produced by a short wave spreading heater, can arrive to counterface. This rate is 62% in medium wave spreading heaters and only 43 % in long wave heaters. Consequently short wave products are 40-44 % more efficient by comparing their closest competitor.

As the radiation conduction ability  of short wave products is higher, this kind of products are more efficient and effective in outdoor and spot heating applications. By this means, it is possible to heat enviroment more effectively by using a smaller capacity heater and consequently by consumpting less energy.

Color temperature of short wave infrareds is 2400-2500 °K. Wave length is 1.0 – 1.8 μm.

Flaments are produced by tungsten wire and saved by halogen gas. Reaction time of short wave twin tubes is 1-1,5 seconds. Average working life of short wave twin tubes is 5000 hours. Short wave twin tubes can be coated by golden or ceramic reflector.

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