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Defrost & Rod Resistance

All of our products in our Category “Defrost & Rod Resistors” are made of premium quality materials. You can continue to use our products which are manufactured in accordance with quality standards of reliability for many years.

You can contact us for detailed information about our products, which you can continue to use without any additional maintenance needs. Our customer service is waiting for you to answer all your questions. Defrost resistance models in many different systems that work for heating purposes begin to operate in the outdoor unit depending on the weather conditions.

When the carcass occurs in the outer unit of the device, the device begins to work backwards to reverse this situation. This condition is called defrost. This process, which is realized thanks to the defrost heater models, ends when the serpant in the outer unit detects the temperature drop in the sensor pipe. Defrost resistors developed to turn off automatically are extremely costly when considered in this respect.

These resistors, which can save energy, work on the system heating circuit for the time previously set on the electric cards. When the time defined on the system expires, the system moves backwards. The indoor unit fan runs, while the outdoor unit fan goes into standby mode. Defrost resistance prices produced according to usage areas of different sizes and specifications may vary according to specific details.

The brand, model, size and specifications you choose are among the most important factors that determine prices. As Ser Rezistans, we offer defrost resistance models including models that may be in line with each person's budget. If you would like to get detailed information about defrost resistors, you can contact us. 

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