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Barrel Base Heater

This product is among the barrel base heater models, allowing you to work with raw materials with high solid and liquid phase replacement heat in normal ambient conditions. With standard barrel heater models, you can do the melting and heating process faster with the barrel base heater model, which can last longer.

The base-heated barrel heater is a product that you can use reliably, allowing raw materials to be heated quickly and reliably. The raw materials that start to melt at the base of the barrel increase to the upper sections, leading to the start of a natural circulation within the barrel. You can reliably obtain the desired raw materials by using the barrel base heater model within your systems.

The voltage of the barrel floor heater model with different uses is set to 230V. You can order the barrel floor heater model by e-mail, which provides ideal solutions for your operations, or you can get detailed information about the product by filling out the information request form.

You can also contact us via our contact addresses and get product information. Heating system with pipe resistance, 30-120 °C gas thermostat heat control, electro static powder dyed body,220V feed voltage,1500W resistance power. 

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