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Air cooled cabinet octagonal band heater with double layer aluminium separator

As they are important especially in extruding machineries, to ensure quality and high efficient heating and cooling and exact control, SER branded air cooled band heaters (with duplex aluminium separator) are used widely. As much heating surface needed, so much cooling surface needed too. Due too specially designed SER aluminium separator wings, contact surface increase  and that ensure an effective cooling and that keep the temparature in minimum possible degrees and under control, which was caused by pressing and friction inside expeller. By this means, uniformity of product quality during production can be ensured and damages which are caused by screw-barrel friction can be decreased and that means cost saving and long life.

 * PVC profile, pipe, sheet, blinds machinery

 * PVC bin, jar, bottle blowing machines

 * PVC fitting, injection machinery

 * PVC band, cable, piping machinery

 * Nylon plastic bag machinery

 * Synthetic yarn, interlining, fiber machinery

 *  Granulating machines

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