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Aluminum Braking Resistors

Braking resistors designed with the principle of cooling the stainless resistor elements not by air contact but by utilizing aluminum heat conduction are called aluminum braking resistors. It is filled with a powder with very high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation between the resistance wire and the aluminum case without gaps.

The surface temperature of the heated wire is quickly transferred to the aluminum surface, which is increased by cooling leaves. Aluminum braking resistors, which can be used without a cabinet, are small in size. It is resistant to moisture, dust, solvents and simple splashes.

They are products with unmatched mechanical impact and vibration resistance. Since the resistance element is not exposed, there is no risk of fire, explosion and radiation that may occur due to radiation. The fact that aluminum can be cooled with a fan for continuous use is among the other advantages of the products.

Aluminum braking resistors are used in many different applications such as braking resistors, test loads, capacitor discharge loads, wind farms.

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