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Cab Braking Resistors

Due to the fact that the resistor elements used in its manufacture are exposed, this type of braking resistor is used with a box cabin. In the manufacture of box-type braking resistors, grid plate resistors are also used together with spring resistors and edge winding resistors.

These resistor types are produced by mounting in standard boxes with serial or parallel variations. This is how box-type braking resistors are formed. Engineering calculations related to spring spring and unwinding or parallel and serial connections are designed with computer software, in which the cross-section of specially wound wires or strips and the cut grid are created.

Since resistors are passive electrical materials that can be heated, the use of a painted resistor box is recommended. Boxes can be produced from galvanized materials in internal applications and from stainless materials in external applications.

It will be enough to consider your usage areas while choosing the box type braking resistors with cabin. In this way, you can continue to use the products you choose reliably for many years.

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