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Ceramic Braking Resistors

Ceramic braking resistors, which are produced to be resistant to high temperatures, have stainless resistance wires. The wrapped resistance wires are then coated with a special mortar resistant to high temperatures and non-flammable, making them reliable. These structures are used extensively in areas where continuous and stable currents are needed.

Ceramic braking resistors, which are not affected by adverse environmental conditions such as burrs and dust, from which you can obtain long-lasting resistance, also affect use without a cabinet when precautions are taken for the terminals or when there is no danger of contact. Ceramic braking resistors, which offer easy connection with stainless mounting feet, can be applied to short-term overloads and wires that want to move due to electrical forces.

In this type of resistance model, the wire does not move because it is covered with mortar. For this reason, it is also suitable for applications such as braking resistors and starting resistors. It can also be used as a test resistor in some constant current load applications.

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