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Ceramic Concave Resistances

Ceramic concave resistances are among models that are widely preferred in industrial and local applications.  Ceramic concave resistances have a very special field of use. Thanks to these resistances, R&D ceramic concave resistances turned into an industrial standard. The resistances of which the inner part is filled, enable the users to get high temperatures thanks to the FeCrAl resistance wire.

Concave resistances equipped with a specially designed ceramic body material can operate safely under conditions up to 750 centigrade degrees. Ceramic concave resistances that have an FTE model can generate power levels rising up to 1000 watts.

Ceramic Concave Resistance Prices

Ceramic concave resistances that are among Ser Rezistans products are very resistant that enable the users to use the product safely for many years. You can start to use ceramic concave resistances in a reliable manner in various utilization areas without the need for any additional maintenance or repair.

Ceramic concave resistances are being manufactured in a standard type. However, they can also be designed and produced on basis of your special needs. You will be able to use the resistances that can be designed specially according to your business and projects in a energy saving manner.

The prices of the ceramic concave resistances which are designed and manufactured by using 1st class high-quality materials change according to the product that you may choose. You can also own one of the ceramic concave resistances that you need, with the quality assurance of Ser Rezistans.

Please contact our Ser Rezistans team in order to get more information about the ceramic concave resistances which are presented to you specially.

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