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Ceramic Infrared Bulbs

The ceramic infrared bulbs we produce for our customers are among the bulb types suitable for utilization in industrial areas. Ceramic infrared bulbs are used in cages of barnyard fowls, poultry farm and production farms and as well as hotels. Besides all these, restaurants, schools and working places are among the fields of use of ceramic infrared bulbs. Ceramic infrared bulbs that can also be used used in bathrooms for heating purposes do not get affected by the steam which forms inside the bathroom.

Ceramic infrared bulbs enable you to heat small areas with no need to any other heating method in one hand, and provide illumination on the other hand. Ceramic infrared bulbs provide heating with low cost when compared to electric heaters and other types of heaters ; these bulbs also operate in an energy efficient manner.

Are ceramic infrared bulbs safe products?

Ceramic infrared bulbs that work with infrared technology are completely safe products. Ceramic infrared bulbs are able to heat the environment as fast as possible and they can heat objects directly. There will be a significant decrease in energy consumption where ceramic infrared bulbs are used.

Ceramic infrared bulbs which manufactured with special glass materials and of which the outer part is covered with ceramic are products that you may use safely for many years. In order to get a safe usage environment, it will be sufficient to avoid touching the bulb when operating. You can own the ceramic infrared bulb that you really need by examining the ceramic infrared bulbs which are manufactured by Ser Rezistans for you.

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