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Ceramic Insulated Resistances

The ceramic insulated resistances are amongst resistance models which are used by various sectors. Ceramic insulated resistance models which used especially in industrial areas are mostly preferred in business lines where materials need to be melted. Ceramic insulated resistances that become prominent when it comes to molding processes are among resistances that provide resistance against high temperatures.

Ceramic insulated resistances that are utilized in environments where fast production is realized, are also used in places where resistances with high wattage values are required. Ceramic insulated resistances that have some features that may be tested also in neutral position, display a structure which can be used in an energy saving mode. Our ceramic insulated resistances through which you can achieve notable savings in energy costs, may also be utilized for many years thanks to their high heat permeability features.

Energy Saving Ceramic Insulated Resistances

Ceramic insulated resistances that provide rapid and even distribution of heat, are equipped with krone and nickel spiral wires. However, it is of utmost importance to install these wires professionally and in a manner that provides operational safety. Thanks to heat insulation provided by the materials that have been covered with ceramic fiber, you can achieve energy savings ranging from 30% to 60%.

You will be able to produce professional solutions according to your resistance needs by using ceramic insulated resistances that are among products manufactured by Ser Rezistans. You will be able to maintain your projects in a more reliable way thanks to the resistances that can be produced in different sizes and specifications to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact our Ser Rezistans team for more information about the products.

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