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Cutable Cable Heater

Cuttable cable heaters

Silicon rubber insulated, fixed power, heating cables are special fabrication and they are at fixed powers. They are used when temperature value required to be fixed up to +150°C.  As it keeps the flexibility even up to  -40 °C, it is most suitable heater in industrial ccoling applications in harsh climate conditions. It can be manufactured as 20W/mt , 30W/mt , 40W/mt or 50W/mt.

Usage fields;

  • Building and construction sector.
  • To keep industrial instruments at fixed temperature
  • In medical sector.
  • İn gas and petroil pipe lines, pipes, tanks pumps etc.
  • To keep the temperature of hot water lines fixed in hotels, entertainment and shopping centers
  • To save the chocolate, glicose and some ails from over heating and keep in a fixed temperature in Food production centers.
  • In buildings, animal shelters and farms without heating.
  • In defrosts and satellite dishes

We recoomend to use control units to keep their lives longer.

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