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Heating Hoses

Heat Hoses

 Flexible heating systems, which are produced by high temterature and pressure resistant T3 PTFE hose, make easier the mould changes, by providing an excellent flexible connection between co-extrusion and mould. It balances vibrations and expansions which occur as result of heating.

  • operation temperature 250 C
  • Voltage 230 V AC/DC
  • Pressure hose type T3 PTFE
  • Connection sleeves; satinless steel
  • Thermal insulation 250 C silicon sponge
  • End of hose; PA rigid cap
  • Out coat of hose; braided polyamide
  • Connection cable standart 1,5 m
  • Base sensor Fe-CuNi (J Type) , PT100 , NiCr-Ni (K type)
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