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Hot Air Units

Hot air Units


With developing technology, staying time of people in indoor spaces increase and comfortibility of indoor spaces becomes more important. By keeping ambient air of indoor spaces like offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants cinemas, where a lot of people reside in,  in good and comfortable conditions, can be ensured that the people may be happier and more efficient. Studies in this field prooves that the people who are in more comfortable ambiance, may feel happier and they are more efficient. And comfort conditions of indoor spaces depend on keeping there air-conditioning and ventilating conditions well. Air-conditioning of  indoor spaces is discharged by heating, cooling, dehumidifying, humidifying, filtering and giving fresh air independently than outdoor air conditions. By this means air quality  of indoor space is increased. So that right air conditioning instrument can be selected, heating and cooling loads must be calculated accurately.


In regions where winters are very cold, central airconditioning systems are best solution heaters are located inside the ducts and blowed air and by circulating of this hot air through fans, a good heating performance ensured. In such kind of applications, it is possible to ensure a good heating performance by hot air circulation undependantly than outdoor environment temperature.


Fresh air is gotten by air ducts which is connected to outside from internal unit and sent to system by mixing with returned air. Fresh air duct is controlled and used air, as much as gotten fresh air from outside, is thrown out and by this way, a healthy air-conditioning can be obtained. In case of getting fresh air from outside, capacity of instrument must be increased at the percentage of gotten fresh air. Another considerable point is quantity of conditioned air in per hour. Quantity of fresh air from outside must be adjusted according to this conditioned air quantity.

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