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Quartz Heaters

Quartz heaters


Quartz heaters, ensure an immediate heating by radiation. They heat the people or objects directly. In regular heating systems, air is heated first, heated air rise up in indoor space to roof, diffuse and then start to heat the objects. Working principle of quartz and infrared heaters is based on transfer of heat by light waves. In coloquial speech its called as infrarouge too. It is the same name as some part of sunray too.

Infrared lights are orange and they are same as the lights, as seen clearly during sunrise and sunset. Firstly the object, which sun lights touch directly, got heated. By this way directining of the heat can be ensured. Due to infrared heating technic, only required objects are heated actively and effectively,  instead of heating airspace.

As surface of glass tube can reach to 900 C in 2 seconds, ensured an effective and immediate heating and that makes possible the energy saving and effective heating in wide, high and difficult outdoor environments. Tube of lamp is made by real quartz crystal. Quartz is is high resistive against high temperatures. In addition, it is also resistant to shocks which may occur by sudden temperature changes. When you think it can reach to 900 C in 2 seconds, that feature is very important.

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