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Ceramic Straight Resistances

The ceramic straight resistance product range are amongst resistances which are used in industrial, commercial and local applications. Ceramic straight resistances that are qualified as an industrial standard are used together with FeCrAL resistance wires. When ceramic straight resistances are together with these wires, it will be possible to achieve high temperatures.

These resistances may reach temperatures up to 750 centigrade degrees thanks to their specially formulated body material. On the other hand, these resistances enable the users to achieve 1000 Watts power with its FFE model. The ceramic straight resistances can be used safely for many years thanks to their straight surfaces and structure that enable homogeneous infrared distribution.

Ceramic straight resistances that are equipped with infrared technology enable you to achieve a safe working area due to their straight diffusors. Their straight solid fuel body components have different luminescence outputs for various applications.

Ceramic Straight Resistance Prices

The prices of the ceramic straight resistances which are one of the most important requirements of industrial and engineering working areas may differ on basis of the specifications of the products that you choose. The prices of the products are determined according to the dimensions, model, brand and technical specifications of the related products. Ceramic straight resistances that are indispensable for infrared heaters enable you to achieve longwave infrared luminescence.

The ceramic straight resistances which are presented to you after being manufactured under world quality standards are utilized in fields such as thermoform heating devices, packaging industry, outdoor heaters and recreation centers. You can also own a Ser Rezistans product which can be manufactured in dimensions according to your needs.

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